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Artist Guy Hoffman

Artist Statement:

Creativity has been a loving and healing force in my life. I create with purpose! There is always an underlying healing energy that is infused into my artwork. This energy is communicated with rich color, various tools used for creating unique markings, words, and figures while I create in a meditative state.

By doing so, I hope to express the inexpressible. To allow the viewer to feel what ever they feel based on their exposure, whether that be in life or art. I think that often I couldn’t create a better experience, visually, energetically or emotionally, than that which develops in the viewers own mind and body from their own interpretation of each piece that I create. The infused healing energy is the proverbial icing on the cake.

For me, it’s about connecting with a universal energy that allows me to create in the way that I do. My purpose is to create art that captivates and inspires the collector, while spreading positive vibes and healing energies to all who view it.


Short Bio:

New York born, Florida based entrepreneur-artist hybrid, Guy Hoffman emerged in 2012 into the contemporary art world with his first show in The Underground Gallery at ArtMundo in Florida.

Guy’s creativity knows no boundaries. He is an accomplished Fine Art Photographer, Acrylic, Resin, Watercolor, and Paper Collage Artist with commissioned originals and limited edition print sales to collectors in 4 countries.

“As a self taught creative spirit, my inner vision changes with my growth as a person therefore it will always be my mission to express my emotions and passions of life, as they inevitably change through the art that I create.” – Guy Hoffman

Guy Hoffman considers himself a life long student of creativity.