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Artwork - Guy Hoffman

Buddha Faces Series of Pencil Drawings

This past year I created this “Buddha Faces” series. The process of this has been one that I would describe as Zen. The meditative experience of creating these faces has been one of tremendous growth for me. Each of the original drawings are sold, however prints are still available.

Energy Infused Abstract Acrylic Paintings

In addition to carrying the energy of the artist, these pieces have been infused with healing and positive energies. The abstract nature of these paintings allows the viewer to see what they wish to see in the context of art.  The beauty of abstract art is that each person can see something unique to their own journey!


Portraits of Artists in India Ink (All Portraits are SOLD)

A series of portraits of some very talented artists whom we lost far too early in life. These talented individuals inspired many people through their various art forms. The portraits were meant to capture the essence of each of these incredible artists in India Ink.